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Your home is your largest investment so when it comes time to sell it you need to work with the team that can market your property to the largest possible audience. Most real-estate companies only belong to one multiple listing service (MLS), but Palm Tree Realty belongs to THREE! This is especially important when your home is located along the boarder of an MLS area such West Atlantic County or East Gloucester and Camden Counties. If your only listed in one MLS and a potential buyer is searching a mile away but looking in a different MLS they may NEVER find you. Our MLS reach is from Philadelphia to Atlantic City and up through Ocean County! All of South Jersey is within our reach. Talk to an agent today to find out how we can help you with your home sale.


We got our start in commercial real-estate. Besides our three MLS memberships we are also members of Loopnet and Costar, the largest commercial property listing sites in the world. Through our relationships with other local brokers, excellent signage, and large scale marketing we will make your commercial listing known to every buyer in the market!

Property Management

Everyone loves to invest in real-estate, but no one wants the call that the toilet backed up in the middle of the night. Property management can be a full time job whether you have a single property or a whole portfolio full. When my wife and I started in commercial real-estate we acquired office buildings that we leased to small businesses. We learned all the ropes of managing a property as well as developed great contacts for repairs and services at affordable rates. We can handle all of your property management needs as well so you relax and let your investment be just that and not another job for your to do. Contact Joe Stuhltrager for more information.

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